Saturday, May 23, 2009

bearded ladies, floods, and blood

gorgeous afternoon, maybe 80 degrees.
where have all the bearded ladies gone?
you tell me.
last night was fairly ridiculous. first at work the bar began to seep water Numbered Listfollowed by a FLOOD gushing out from both bar drains, destroying the entire ambiance of the restaurant at the time and emptying us of customers. we were feverishly armed with a shop vac, buckets, bus tubs, and two mops to no decent avail. water was there to destroy. still, the show had to go on, as the entire courtyard and patio was bustling with merrymakers and hookah-aholics.
pathetically the girls and i slipped and slided, carrying our trays far above our heads, lighting the damn flaming tetilla fireballs, feeling sorry for the damp belly dancers. it was disgusting but at least it wasn't boring.
after a plumber was called and the catastrophe subsided i eventually clocked out and went to get a night cap with my roommate.
after last call we made our way back towards home only to pass a dark parking lot on J st where there was a lot of screaming and commotion.
we observed a stocky man shove a woman to the pavement where she struck her head on the concrete and lay still. another woman was on the man's back trying to pull him away as he turned and hit another male in the face repeatedly.
erin and i intervened, told the offending male to leave, the whole time saying "hey we are not involved, just get in your car and scram"...finally they did so, 2 males and 2 females.
the remaining people left were of the victim's party, 2 women and the bleeding male. he had a broken nose surely, and there was plenty of blood to be had. both women had been punched or shoved in the process, and the man was sobbing, out for the count. he was shirtless as was one woman.
erin had taken the license plate of the offenders and i ran to luigi's to get some water and napkins. as i pushed my way through the throng of intoxicated pizza lovers, people laughed at me as i took as many flimsy paper napkins as i could snatch.
once back at the parking lot it took over half an hour for a reluctant squad car to approach the scene and only after he was flagged down on k st.
long story short, charges were pressed and i hope tonight will be better than last.
damn santogold brings the crazies.

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