Tuesday, July 28, 2009


my birthday is on friday; i will become 26 years of age. things are a-changing, i can feel this in my bones. unsettled, uncertain, hopeful. im having a big party, less of a birthday party in my eyes, more of a celebration, an annual excuse if you will, of getting all the random people i love into one big tangled mess of merry making. it'll be a mess, this is for sure. organized chaos, and i would have it no other way. no blood or citations though, please.

there will be a japanese theme throughout the festivities. there will be nagashi somen (a bamboo noodle slide). I've been tinkering and hammering, sanding bamboo poles for a few days now. this was something i did in japan back in 2003 with my friend miyuki and her college friends. mount fuji was in the background, i remember it clear as day....it was very rustic, very of the earth, the water, and the freshly cut wood. (nagashi somen is very old-world japan...it represents saying goodbye. I'm saying goodbye to being 25, i figure.)

also there will be some silly things like sake bombs and whatnot...

i'm very proud of being japanese, i know this. i don't want to lose my roots. i would like to teach some of the things i know, pass on a few of the cultural aspects that i really enjoy.

the person i love most wont be here though. it's our tradition at this point.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

saying gooodbye....

our dear friends monica and angela are leaving us in 4 days for the virgin islands. they have packed up all of their belongings and are saying goodbye...why? because they are crazy and in love and want to get away from us lesser human beings.....it'll only be for a year but it's always sad...i feel like a lot of my friends up and leave. i guess it's part of growing up but it will never become easier.....in the photograph above beloved monica is there to my left and steadfast angela to my right. (erin, by the way, the girl to the far left is my roommate, whom the previous blog entry was devoted to....whom decided last minute to not move out after all. way to go, turd.)
we have had many a fun night at the depot...i think monica is tired in this photo. she is tired at any point after 8 pm. she is a granny if i ever met one. a hot cool ass granny.

here we are at my home on new years...singing kareoke...BAD kareoke......this was moments before some of us went streaking pant less down the street....t'was chilly to say the least.

erin has crabs. dirty erin.

we will miss you...we will miss you so much. angela and mo, see you very soon, a virgin islands christmas!!! aruba? jamaica? banana by the bunch?
you are both very, very important to me. i love you. now fuck off already before i start to cry.

Friday, July 3, 2009

an ode to erin

this great pup, proud young radclyffe, (named after the famous lesbian writer radclyffe hall), is leaving me in a month. sob!he will run down the midnight streets after his harry potter-looking mama erin. (she is in the green jacket...)
she is my roomate and is leaving me because none of my shoes fit her big white girl feet.

plus we have way too many nights like this and she will be going to school full time soon.

look at her in all her blinding glory....one month and counting...erin, i will miss you very much...kinda, in some ways.

p.s. look-it those pale gams....and im glad that big ol bow is there.