Wednesday, October 28, 2009

on vino, wind storms, and having three sentences

***it is after 4 in the manana, and i am a wee bit intoxicated---(euphemism for "very drunk")*** there is a kitty kat in my bed passed out and stealing all of the covers, so i'm present in the afterglow, winding down.

this here eve i invited some loved ones to this here porch. the breeze was gusty; t'was chilling to zee bones, but we thrived---thank you oh mr. heater device, thank you very much so. don't knock it! damn.

there was cheeeese, there was fruit, there was wine GALORE---spanish wine from the work of your's truly....Moroccan vino as well..
there was edith piaf, there was nina simone, there was lauryn hill, grass widow, bats for lashes, and josephine baker.

we were all here, present.

a few hours into the night it was decided that we would choose a topic then go about the circle, each speaking for a mere but mighty three sentences when the turn arose.
it was like summer camp, the orange fire on our faces, the black sky, the kinship.

one topic: "what do you wish to conqueror before you perish?"

tegan: "i wish to climb machu pichu."

chelsea: "i wish to write a book."

jess: "i don't quite know yet......"
jenn: "i wish to live in brasil."




me: "i wish to write a memoir about my childhood, but only after my parents die because i dont wan't to bring shame to them........then, it is all about following natalie to chateau crone. let's all live in a home where we can grow old and craggy together, being, existing, creating....."
i want to be reading or laughing or painting up to the very day i die, and i want to do it with you.


how dare we live such decadent lives. will someone start feeding me grapes?
i want to be deborah rhea when i grow up. she is the hottest woman in this town.

good night, time to go throw up, literally.
12 bottles this evening, i counted.

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