Tuesday, December 15, 2009


to buy:
new (used, fast) road bike
swim suit for the virgin islands
book bag, leather/canvas/brown
nice shirts, collared, vintage!
christmas gifts for parents, swati, roomie
bike lock (or figure out old bike lock's mechanisms, i.e. use my brain)

to do:
make dentist appt #2
enroll in classes (tomorrow!)
choose a major (ha)
save money for tooth repair
health insurance
prep for virgin islans
prep for long awaited return to school
practice 'jet boy' drag number with erin
re carpet bedroom floor
paint kitchen mustard yellow
repair red velvet curtains
window insulation for winter

to read/complete reading:
'banker to the poor'
'the spirit catches you and you fall down'
'the god of small things' (to be re-read)
'the people's history of the US'

record club poster for rodger
complete family portrait
drag king number(s), create new performances
drag king AIDS ride benefit for gina

people to see/visit with:
ayumi ashley at her new apt in sf
rachel marrs, listen to her stories behind the purchased thailand photos
rachel gregg, quality time before departure
chelsea wolfe, crafting, hand made christmas gifts
johnny flores, house warming party
natalie gordon, trip to portland??
everybody--for a nabe party or a chinese hot pot party (very winter!)

to be continued....

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