Tuesday, July 28, 2009


my birthday is on friday; i will become 26 years of age. things are a-changing, i can feel this in my bones. unsettled, uncertain, hopeful. im having a big party, less of a birthday party in my eyes, more of a celebration, an annual excuse if you will, of getting all the random people i love into one big tangled mess of merry making. it'll be a mess, this is for sure. organized chaos, and i would have it no other way. no blood or citations though, please.

there will be a japanese theme throughout the festivities. there will be nagashi somen (a bamboo noodle slide). I've been tinkering and hammering, sanding bamboo poles for a few days now. this was something i did in japan back in 2003 with my friend miyuki and her college friends. mount fuji was in the background, i remember it clear as day....it was very rustic, very of the earth, the water, and the freshly cut wood. (nagashi somen is very old-world japan...it represents saying goodbye. I'm saying goodbye to being 25, i figure.)

also there will be some silly things like sake bombs and whatnot...

i'm very proud of being japanese, i know this. i don't want to lose my roots. i would like to teach some of the things i know, pass on a few of the cultural aspects that i really enjoy.

the person i love most wont be here though. it's our tradition at this point.

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