Monday, August 3, 2009

one for the history books

my birthday party was a huge success. we danced until dawn; i literally did not fall asleep until 7am...the cops never came which is highly unusual, no, fucking RIDICULOUS for our house where they know us by name and once sent a helicopter over our rooftop to tell beaumont to stop shooting his bb the way, i cant fucking figure out for the life of me how to rearrange these photos in the proper order of events. but, here are some images to enjoy.

in the picture above we have larry rodriguez to the right and haley in the striped shirt. these two people are an institution in sacramento, i swear, and they dj'd my party. larry is a genius and he spins the shit i am always dying to hear out but never do. nowadays it's all about about electro-shock-crap. he spins the good stuff that is already decades old. music that will never die if you will. haley also. she can command a crowd and always gets people dancing. (notice i often have her dj, but never ask her to perform her MOM project. no feces in my house please!!) she has always come through for me since spinning my birthday party 4 years ago...i didn't find out until a couple years later that all of her vinyl had been stolen that night--yet she still comes back when i ask, time after time. this past party we stayed up hanging till 6 am...she had to be at taylor's market reporting for duty at 7am. girl!

here we have beaumont my neighbor whom lives across the hall from me. the girl to his left looks uncomfortable but maybe turned on by his furry chest? beau is a ham if i ever met one......nice yukata beau, sticking with the japanese theme.

lauren and i pose here in front of the house, with the black kanji symbol for 'longevity' hanging behind us. i like the angle of the folks on the porch roof. dangerous, however. 4 years ago, the night i literally moved into the house, there was a party and a kid fell from the second story to the sidewalk below. actually, let me tell it straight---he was underage, could not hold his liquor, and he JUMPED from the balcony, trying to reach the tree across the sidewalk, missed, and broke his face on the ground. afterwards, his friend, upset and belligerent, went screaming and breaking all of the car windows up and down 21st street. i was left wondering what hell-hole i had just moved into. moral of this story??---nobody in the photo behind me jumped to the sidewalk.

i like this picture. taken from my bedroom backdoor it appears.

lauren is wearing the yukata miyuki's father offered me as a gift from my time spent in mitsuke.
a yukata is not to be confused with a kimono. yukata are more casual. kimono's have millions of layers (truely about 7 or 8?) and are thousands of dollars. i've noticed many people refer to yukatas as kimonos, but it's like comparing a cotton slip dress from old navy to a valentino ball gown.

at some point the party ballooned to a couple hundred people. although i had duct taped a 'no underage' sign to the front door, a billion teenagers filtered their way in, some jumping the fence in the back. once they found out i was having people carded at the sake bar, some lost interest. others, i told to leave. my roommate erin was being a good watch dog as well. unfortunately many of my good friends left early in the evening and for this portion of the night i just felt like a security guard. it has never been about measuring the success of a party on how many people are crammed into a's all about friends and peaceful gatherings. ohwell, comes with the territory.

chelsea performed. i love her. she wrote me a song too and recorded it...and made me cupcakes. what a great human being this girl is. i would not be the same without her. we also had chenelle and travis perform with their project 'these bloody kids.' i am dismayed there are no photos however. chenelle has a killer voice and travis plays a full drum kit with one hand while playing keyboard with the other. nutso. it's true, queers rock harder.

here's a hazy picture of larry spinning his magic. i was disappointed that nobody was dancing at first, but late by 2 am it was on. and, considering we danced till 5 or 6 am, hey, we put some decent hours in.

this photo is really out of order, but here we are doing the nagashi somen. (traditional japanese noodle water slide where noodles come down the bamboo and you catch the strands and eat them) it took me a week and two people helping to build the structure. it was quite the success and many curious people passing by stopped to ask questions. i wonder what the neighborhood thinks of us, always doing something different. i love it, actually.

this is not a very good picture but you can see the bamboo structure. it reached quite high, all the way to the second story porch.....i plan to have another noodle day soon, before the summer is, to sum this all up, my birthday was a success. nobody caused any major trouble, and we only had to shove one strange person out the door by force around 6 am. he had been creepy all night but we tolerated him, even shared pizza with his...but for some reason at the very end of the night he started saying "faggot this, lesbo that" so larry and michael shoved him out the door. he was swinging and clocked michael in the face but they got him out. he knocked over my bamboo structure as an afterthought to prove his anger....but whatever.
i think the days of huge parties might be behind me took two weeks of careful planning to pull the night off. also, a lot of money. last year i had a masquerade was amazing...aww whatever i'll just always do what i am in the mood for, i figure.
happy birthday to me.
until next year....arrigatou.

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