Friday, June 5, 2009

the darkest hour is just before dawn

<----------(self portrait)-- last night my treehouse home was surrounded by a magestic lightning storm. as the thunder crashed and the entire sky was engulfed holy and bright i was almost certain a huge fireball was going to swallow my bedroom. the storm was INTENSE. i pictured the other thousands upon thousands of people in this here city lying awake in their beds listening to the rain. in my mind's eye i envisioned from an arial perspective, people small as ants, with the rooftops of their homes ripped off, with covers pulled up to their chins, blinking into the black which then would strobe with white as the lightning struck again and again, relentless and spectacular!! we were all in this together.

at some point my entire body broke out into some sort of hive-like situation, perhaps from the electricity in the air (more likely from a food allergy...?) it was very bizzare. very alien.

today my 3rd floor neighbor said last night during the peak of it all she had made her way to the patio at 4 am to wait for me. i didn't know; i never arrived.......and tonight it is i whom is sitting here alone, the weather is still. i am listening to the silence.

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