Thursday, June 11, 2009

we are the upper class

sitting at the cafe, a group of 5 young mothers approached with their children, ranging from babies in strollers to kids that were about 2 years old.

the women were well dressed, very mainstream, sort of banana republic meets some overpriced boutique in Lohman's plaza...very "the real housewives of greater sacramento"--if there was such a show---and there isn't, thank the lord. it was clear they were having a "girls afternoon out."

my initial thought process was that it was cool, the mothers going to have some coffee together downtown with the kids...the entire thing was quaint. let's make a day trip to downtown, fix up our hair, put on our heels, bring the kids....i always consider it a good thing to see hetero women spending time together away from their men.

fast forward to when they were exiting the cafe (i was sitting outside)...i picked up on the fact that they must've been letting their younguns run all about the place, because evidently they had been told to keep them in check.

clearly they did not like being told what to do, because from that point, i silently sat, listening to every horrible thing that they had to say, pouring like french manicure diarrhea out of their christian dior glossed lips....

"that white trash cashier told ME to watch MY boy?? how dare he???" (who else is supposed to watch your child but you?)

"they are all beatniks anyhow, sitting all hunched over their books, they think they are all european but they sure aren't!" (as if beatniks still exist in great numbers, and what the hell does any of it have to do with europe?)

"i make more money than ALL of them combined!!" (that's good, now go back to granite bay)

the trash talking kept on for awhile, and it was really bad. it was embarassing. i didn't know adults talked like this on a regular basis. call me bright-eyed and stupid but hearing their words really weirded me out. fuck artists this, everybody is so ugly, all of you broke losers, at least i dont work at a CAFE, go listen to your snobby 'cool' music that (i actually thought that one was funny because it's true) it was complete racism (they were all white)/class ism on a financial status level....prejudice obviously, really low shit. great. and to think of all the clientele i have to serve on a nightly basis......i always feel like i know what they are thinking, but until now ive never actually heard it.

it was really tragic, because most all of their insults had to do with how much money they make and how much they assume "people like us" do not. wealth....what has been said is true--you really can't take it with you when you why dont you spend a little less time belittling people less wealthy than you. we dont want your ugly coach purse. we dont. but we are happy that you are happy with it before you rot away into a pile of bones in the earth, slimy and smelly.

the highlight of all the insults came when the obvious leader of the pack said:

"well, whatever. WE are the UPPER class and WE are off on a WEEKDAY AFTERNOON!!!!"

may god have mercy on your soul, and just for the record, i never, EVER have to work during the afternoon, and i'm not rearing a child that is sure to grow up and be a chauvanistic, sheltered menace to society.

good luck....


  1. I love all of your entries. It must have been hard for you to restrain speaking your mind to these awful women.

  2. i don't think i could have listened to all that.
    good for you.
    i like your writing.