Thursday, June 25, 2009

upon leaving this treehouse? barcelona or bust?

my roommate is moving out in a month...i've been debating between finding a new person to move into this insane one-of-a-kind-circus-called-home with all of my colorful housemates.....or leaving this creaky old victorian which i've grown to love over the past 4 years...and finding a place of my own where i can have privacy for the first time in my life.

both aspects have huge pros and cons. god, i'd miss my bedroom. look at it, so tranquil.

one of the pros to staying put is the cheap price on my current rent. i'd be able to afford returning to spain with the girls in october. (see the silly above might not have uploaded correctly though...we were staying with an adorable clothing designer named blanca in barcelona, and in the video we were at a very small but chic bar named 'vinilo' which projected old movies on the walls and served absinthe by the barrelful---hence the intoxicated singing...)

one of the cons to staying is that i'd have to break-in yet another new potential roomie into this very different sort of living situation. this place is not for everyone, that's for sure---but that's why we love it, i guess. nonetheless, it's a fucking pain in the ass, getting used to living with a complete stranger.

one of the pros to leaving would be that i could take the opportunity to purge myself of all the things i no longer need. i would have a fresh start in a new location and it would be so freeing to have space to call my very own.

but i would be hurting financially and there would be no return trip to spain---and portugal, france and berlin!


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  1. hmm that is a tough one. i will miss your room too!
    october is relatively soon though, can you swing it to stay there until then and then find your own place when you get back? cause it would also be great for you to go with them again!

    ps i love you! stop ignoring me ;)