Monday, August 10, 2009

getaway, get found

yesterday a few of us headed to the bay area for erin's show at the stud. along the way we stopped near Berkeley, where behind the horse tracks there is a peninsula....and along the craggy ocean rocks there are pieces of found art. all the photos i have here are shitty but there really was some amazing stuff...will have to return here again. enjoy.

this here above was cool i swear, but it just looks like a used condom in this photo. a shame.


fennel, right?? also there was tons of fresh wild dill growing along the path. we came at sunset, when everything was mysterious and nostalgic...but rachel mentioned if one comes during the day when the sun is out, the warmth will cause all the greenery to emit their lovely rich smells...ooozing salty air with licorice and spices...delectable.

erin probably would have been happy to hole up here for the evening. she was a tired goose all night.

so desolate...

ive been feeling pretty desolate as of late

beau thinks he has bad posture. looking good here, man.


this above here looks like a pile of garbage sprayed red which it probably is, but it was also neat in real life.

windblown! i love the ocean...until next time, cheers!

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  1. You love the ocean? Well have I got something to show you!

  2. i think i may have been there. were there giant sculptures of people? a huge monstor woman walking in from the ocean? a huge dog running down to the beach??
    industrial junkyards are the best.