Tuesday, August 18, 2009

on weed plants, drag kings, and changes that remain the same...damn.

for 4 consecutive years now, i have been performing at the annual drag king contest in san fransisco. this year was no exception...the show is huge, one of the biggest on the west coast. joan jett has hosted the event in the past if this gives you any reference point; the nights are always chock full of events and memories. i remember two years ago stumbling in the streets with aiden and rachel....this year was a bit like then in the way that i am newly single again, and i came to the bay with the intent of snatching a peice of myself back from outer space, to feel perfect and keen, if even for 3 flashing minutes....ahhh. well what the hell. we all know how it can be.

...anyhow, in the photo above you see my friend and roomie erin sniffing a weed plant. we stayed at dennis peron's house near the castro. he is the medical marijuanna guru, does a ton of political activism in the name of legalizing weed---i dont smoke myself, but it was a 'trip' to stay here.
here i am posing under the mini golden gate bridge. obviously im trying to look like im smoking a joint. ha.

our bed was soooo nice. kind of romantic as well....but me and erin are as platonic as pie. she is like a brother to me. what a waste.

as you can see, the place was very psychodelic. there was a hot tub, but we did not use it. and there were a ton of weed smoking dudes hanging out...

here im getting ready for the show. erin and i were ill prepared for our performance, very typical of us.

finished product, mr wu her, ready to rock your knickers off.

when the day turned to night, a shit ton of black lights turned on, and glowing ensued.

oops. here i am again. just wanted to make sure you remember what i look like. (i cant figure out how to photo upload correctly...ahh...)

erin looked great! her drag name is simon bigsby. she is my young twink servant.

another nod to japan.

at the show, in this photo, fella fem, last years troupe winners. they are from the east bay.

'wham bam thank you mamn', got runner-up i believe.

dexter james. i thought he did a much better job last year. still a hottie though.

delicio del toro won first place. see that huge bulge? that was a BURRITO stuffed in there. he toook it out and threw it over the audience...rice and beans. wow.

there's the huge crowd of queers! the DNA lounge is a two story venue...so there were quite a bit of people here. this was the same weekend as homo a gogo, so it was nice to see the place was not empty.

erin and i did the punk song 'jet boy jet girl' ....we pulled it off and won 'most erection inducing.' no kidding. many people seemed to really enjoy the number. i had a sock rolled up in the crotch of my pants that came undone on stage. horrific. that's how hard we danced. ciao!

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